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Our Menu


(Toast or Bun)
Egg $.45 | Cheese $.35

Plain Egg


Sausage Sandwich


Livermush Sandwich


Bacon Sandwich


Bologna Sandwich



(White or Wheat Bun)
Make any sub or sandwich a basket (side & drink) for $2.50 extra
Extra Toppings:
Egg $.45 | Cheese $.35 | Bacon $1.25 | Chili $.75 | Slaw $.25



Fried or Grilled Chicken sandwich


Double Cheeseburger


Double Cheeseburger


Double Cheeseburger

Hamburger Special


Included three wings and a small french fries ( unlimited condiment on burger with no extra charge.)

Cheese Burger


Classic BLT


Cheeseburger Special


Included three wings and a small french fries:

Please tell us your flavor condiment on the cheese burger ( There is no extra charge on the condiment items.)

Double Hamburger


Double Hamburger

Thai Foods

Pho- Chicken


Korean Spring Roll



Thai/ Lao Style Larb Kai ( Chicken)


Please tell us your proteins choice: Kai is chicken or Ner is Beef.

Pad Thai Combo


Please tell us your two proteins choice. We have beef, chicken,and shrimp pick any two items.

Egg roll


Each egg rolls we serve is primary a homemade one. My wife made each one of them by her own two hands. The process and task has never been an easy one for her. it usually takes her several hours to makes a set of several hundred eggs roll. The ingredients in our eggs roll are carrots, mushroom, rice vermicelli grounded pork meat and family special recipe.

Chicken on a stick


Made from #1 USDA approved Boneless,skinless chicken thigh.

Fried Rice Chicken


Thai/Lao style fried rice w/beef or chicken, onion, cilantro, snow peas, corn,lime

Pad Thai chicken


Chicken on a Stick



Fried Rice Combo **included any two choice of meat


Please tell us your two proteins choice

Pho Combo


Included any two choice of protein items. ( Example: Beef and chicken or beef and shrimp and etc...)

Beef Pho


Pho is made from rice noodle and its soup base is consisting of broth, made primarily from beef or chicken meat, meatballs and etc..adding bean sprouts,cilantro,onions and other Asian herbs leaf as a decorative texture to its looks and taste. The taste of Pho soup can also be very different from each culture authentic background. Therefore, the difference and its uniqueness taste it is primarily depending on who is cooking and who know what to put as ingredients to the broth Itself. That is why you might have had experience a different taste of Pho broth depending on where you go...The art of cooking Pho is base primary on each individual secret recipes.

Pad Thai


Stir fry rice noodle w/beef or chicken, cilantro,onion,bean sprouts, tofu and Cha-Cha's special sauce...

Fried Rice Beef



Flavors Include:
Plain | Hot | Teriyaki | BBQ | Lemon Pepper | Asian Zing (Boom Boom)
and Daily Special Sauces

6 Piece Wing


20 Piece Wing


12 Wings


25 Wings


10 Piece Wing




8 piece wings 

20 Wings



Regular French Fries


Chili cheeses fries


Heart breaking chili cheese fries

Cheese Fries


Small Cheese Fries


Large potatoes wedeges


Chili Cheese wedege


Large Chili Cheese fries


Regular Potatoes Wedeges


Small fries


Large Fries


Small Chili Cheese fries


Small potatoes wedege


Large Cheese Wedege